Menu & Catering

Minimum 20 people on catering, since all our pans feed 20-25 per half, Thank you    
We offer a wide variety of catering; from fruit & veggie trays. To the standard Pulled Pork and Ribs. We do ask for at least one week for larger orders for catering. 

    We really do not have a "set" menu for catering, but to make it easier we have a few prices that will make it really easy for you to decide wat you will need and a rough estimate. I say this because meat prices change almost daily. 

    Below is a base that you may go by. again this is a rough estimate, we will do our best to help you in any way!

Rack Ribs

Pulled Pork

Chicken Chunks


Jalapeno Saus.

Regular Saus.

Veggie Tray

Fruit Tray



Baked Beans

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad

Green Beans

Roasted Tators

Collard Greens
*add $5.00 1/2
*add $4.00 1/2


$24.00 Rack

$11.75 lb.

$9.00 lb.

$18.00 lb.

$9.50 lb.

$9.50 lb.

$10.25 lb.
$1.35 per person

$1.65 per person
$1.50 per person

Half Pan
Feeds (20-25)
* 1/2

Full Pan
Feeds (40-50)

Half Pan
(20 -25)

Full Pan

    Per pound they say will feed 4 people, well not in my family maybe 3, so when ordering think about how your family eats.

    We do not carry pulled chicken on our menu because it can dry out or over cook, we will make it fresh for you, just like everything else you will order.
24 hour notice on all bulk orders   Catering requires 7 days-"ish"
Thank you!
How can we say we love feeding people? Well we do... thanks to everyone for asking us to be a part of your special day! Catering jobs require a 7 day notice please!

Back Ribs

We offer Ribs by the rack for catering.


Veggie Trays

Pork Butts

We offer Pulled Pork